Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mechanics: Customization

It is known that the character will be able to choose from five playable races and eight professions. Unlike in the first Guild Wars, there will be no secondary profession.
Visual customization of the character will include physical options such as body type, height, and advanced facial customizations including facial hair.


When creating a character a biography is created by answering several questions about the character. Each question will affect the personal storyline for the character. Race and profession determines most of the questions that are asked.

Custom story

The personal journey of each character is tailor-made according to history and character, but also based on his or her choices while playing. For example, a player may decide to save a certain NPC, while another may choose to let him die. The former may then choose to go on a mission to rescue his comrades from imprisonment, while the latter will not have that choice. A custom story aims to make a player feel that the game reacts according to his or her choices.

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